Examples of Votrax Recordings

Please keep in mind that this technology dates back more than 30 years, so it's not fair to compare it with today's syntesised voices.

English language

[SND] Numbers from 1 to 11 [11KB]


[SND] 1から10まで [42KB]

[SND] ふわふわの卵とシャキッとした青菜の歯ごたえが魅力のスープです [18KB]
Master clock frequency: 999 kHz
Inflection levels were adjusted manually after the TTS step
The text was entered using romaji:

fuwa fuwa no tamago to shakitto shita aonano hagotaega miryoku no suupu desu

Italian language

[SND] Numeri da 1 a 20 [33KB]


[SND] Happy Birthday [122KB]
First recording of the "singing mode". It says "to-to-to..." rather than the actual words, but this is just the first step.
The recording was done by entering the MIDI notes into the sequencer EnergyXT and playing them back to the Votrax.
Some modulation wheel has been applied to the longer notes.

[SND] Daisy Bell (old version) [229 KiB] (created 22 Jul 2012)
Any singing computer should make a version of this song !
This early attempt shows the work in progress to integrate the proper lyrics into the song. At that time it was just singing random syllables.

[SND] Daisy Bell [227 KiB] (created 31 Dec 2013)
Finally completed the firmware to make the Votrax sing the correct lyrics !