About "Real Votrax Voice"

(In reverse chronological order)

22 Jul 2012

The system is now running with the new "Speak Shield" beautifully produced by the Fritzing Fab and mounted on an Arduino Uno.
Notice the MIDI connector on the left.
The stereo output connector on the right is temporary, until the proper PCB-mount connector arrives.
I ordered six prototype PCBs. I need one for running the web site, one for development, and I could give away the other four, of course together with the Arduino firmware to drive them. If you are intereseted, contact me by email and make me an offer...

3 Jul 2012

The new PCB design and layout has been completed by using Fritzing and now it's off for production at the Fritzing Fab

2 Jun 2012

This is what the first version of the breadboard circuit looked like.
One Arduino was controlling the phonemes and another one the clock generation.
The Votrax IC is the one near the potentiometer

29 Dec 1983

The original home-made circuit from 30 years ago !
The connector was for interfacing to a Heathkit / Zenith ET-3400

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